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Team Wear Ordering Process

How to order your Team Wear from Sylvia P in three easy steps.

1. Measure

With years of pattern making and sizing experience, we have found the most accurate sizing method is to rely on the athlete’s body measurements. Use the following Measurement Worksheets to help you organise each athlete's measurements so that selecting their size is easy. We offer new sizing options, see further down for more information.

 - Women's Gymnastics Measurement Worksheet
 - Men's Gymnastics Measurement Worksheet
 - Cheer Gymnastics Measurement Worksheet

For Measuring Instructions, use the documents below.

 - Women's Measuring Instructions 
 - Men's Measuring Instructions

2. Size

Refer to the required size chart to determine which size corresponds to the athlete’s measurements.

 - Women's Size Chart 
 - Men's Size Chart

If you need a hand selecting the sizes, simply send the Measurement Worksheet with completed measurements to info@sylviap.com.au and we can complete this section for you. Alternatively, we can loan you a try-on sample kit to assist you with sizing. Note try-on samples must be used for tracksuits orders.

3. Order

Calculate the total of each sizes required per garment and then complete the Team Wear Order Form. All orders must be placed using this order form.

 - Download Team Wear Order Form

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